MP Comfort-Tech

We are devoted to improving our design continuously for a higher level of comfort that our socks can bring to your feet. long-lasting protection, anti-bacteria, breathability, anything you’d dream of in a sock, we make it for you. 

Only the Finest Materials

Our team is picky. We are always exploring the best material and technology all around the world. Our socks so comfortable that you would only understand the feeling until human can walk on the cloud.

Beyond Machine-made

Our socks are more than just machine-made. We care, we produce, we polish, with our craftsman spirit inside every inch of our socks. Put on our socks and feel the MP difference.

Socks Gone Viral

We sold more than 100,000 pairs and people always keep talking about our socks, both in real life and on social media. We let our socks speak for themselves.

Find Your Right One

We want everyone to find their favorite pair here in MPmagicSocks.
☑Traveler ☑Athlete ☑...
☑Urban ☑Outdoor ☑...
Whoever you are, you would find the right one.
And of course the left one.

Finally, don’t forget...

Sometimes you don’t have time to wash socks, you can wear our socks for multiple days without washing and they don’t smell. But, we still recommend you to change it regularly in your daily life for your health. Therefore, when you are doing laundry, don’t forget the socks!

Classic MP Crew antibacterial Socks


MP Merino Wool Socks


Red Ankle antibacterial Sports Socks