MP's Product History

MP's Product History

Everyone desires a pair of good socks. Regular socks can be hot and uncomfortable, prone to developing odor quickly after just one use. After a sweaty workout, long travels, or a fitful night sleep, you could definitely use a great pair of odorless and comfortable socks. When you search for the best socks online and in-store, it is a frustrating experience with the overwhelming number of options that lack description and viability. How are consumers supposed to make an educated decision? That's why you need check out MP products! We are a group of people with renowned design, engineering and supply chains expertise. We only find the world’s best and most innovative technique to engineer our products. This spring, we successfully launched the MP Glovax Gloves, delivering pairs to more than 1300 backers all over the world! The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.


You can google "glovax gloves", and can easily find many reviews and feedback!

Additionally, we added one beta version of this socks to every package. That means, these socks will be improved based on 1300 users' feedback! No other campaign has been able to perform this type of cost development and interaction with their backers! Until the MP team! 

MP team develops innovative lifestyle products. United States are good at design and development, Japan usually can provide high quality and innovative raw fabrics and yarn, China is famous on fabrication. We have set up several offices and partnerships in different global areas, and bring the best products to all!


We have built a great community of supporters, and every member can enjoy our continually developing product innovations. This is MP, we love what we are doing, so join us, and work with us so together we can improve.

We are super proud and confident with our delivery and customer supports! We will usually start shipping in about one month, and deliver to all over the world around 10~15 days. That's the timeline of Glovax gloves, what we did this summer! We will continue this rate for MP Magic Socks, in order to deliver the great MP products to our lovely backers!

A good product is not only the product good, but also a good customer support and experience!  Our business logic is that we provide the extreme good customer support to build super great reputation and brands, then we will earn more money post crowdfunding with our distributors and E-Commerce. We do not plan to earn money from crowdfunding, we invest a lot to achieve our branding goal. Some backers value our supports:

If you check our last campaign comment section, you will find that by yourself:)