Iforway PS 300: Portable Power Station (462 Wh, Dual AC outlets) We only ship to the US now.

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    MeltMall partnership with iforway to provide PS 300 power station:
    • Portable power station (462 Wh/124,800mAh);
    • Solar rechargeable;
    • Can power up to 10 gears simultaneously.
    • Bluetooth speaker and lantern integrated;
    • Perfect for basecamps and weekend camping trips.  
    Note: Due to the shipping regulation, we only ship to the US now. Shipping from US (3~8 days delivered)! Please leave your email and requests if you are not in the US. We will extend to other countries once the requests are enough.


    With a Mega-capacity of 462Wh (124800mAh) battery, PS 300 is one of the most powerful power stations you can find in the market. PS 300 has two AC output ports, a 60W type-c port,  3 USB ports(one is QC3.0), 3 DC output ports, a cigarette lighter socket, all these powerful output ports makes it possible to charge 10 devices synchoronously!PS300 can be charged in 3 ways: wall outlet, solar panels, and car cigar lighter. So even when you are in the middle of nowhere,  you can still charge PS300. This power station is also integrated with a LED flashlight and a Bluetooth speaker for special occasions. Take PS300 portable power station with you on your next adventure!

    An award winning photographer (USA Nature's Best International Photography Awards, British BBC Wildlife photography Awards), Yukihiro Fukuda, gave a detail review for PS 300. He has used PS 300 for 3 months. Here is his personal website:



    • two AC outputs (each has 110V, 60Hz, 600W total power output);
    • a 60W type-C port ;   
    • a QC 3.0 USB port (5V, 2.4A);
    • two USB ports (each has 5V, 2.4A);
    • three DC output ports (each has 12V, 2A);
    • a cigarette lighter socket (9-12V);
    • a LED flashlight (5W);
    • a Bluetooth speaker (10W);
    • 462 Wh;
    • DC input port (support wall outlet, solar panels and car cigarette lighter power inputs), 13V, 6A;
    4 LED indicator lights for battery usage.

    Compares to Anker PowerHouse (a popular power bank brand), PS 300 has a larger battery capacity and more power outputs for use.

    AC outputs (300W for each port, 600W total) can charge your AC devices anywhere, anytime.

     PS 300 supports almost all gears you may use on the road.

    There are 3 ways to charge PS 300 power station: wall outlet, car cigarette lighter and solar power panels.

    PS 300 power station is more than a powerful power source, it provides multi protection procedures to avoid any damage to the battery itself and to your valuable devices.

    • Over temperature protection;
    • Overvoltage protection;
    • Over-discharging protection;
    • Over-charging Protection;
    • Optimized cooling design
    • Short-Circuit Protection;
    • Over Current Protection;
    • Reverse voltage protection;
    • Power overflow protection;
    • Automatic-shut off circuit.

    Enjoy your outdoor activities with PS300!